There are a number of different web services and resources that have been proven to be useful over the years. A great number of these are put onto the web for free (or at very little cost) by their authors. Among the more noteworthy are:

spacer   Individuals and Organizations

  • Jordan Russell for his wonderful "Inno Setup" builder, which was used to package all WebAmphibian.Com productions for distribution on the web and CD.
  • Bjornar Henden for his work on "ISTool," an Inno Setup preprocessor system.
  • Marc Hoffmann for his wonderful tool "INNO Setup Forms Designer," used to create special screens for the Inno Setup builder.
  • Helge Klein for his tool "SetACL," which is used to set some of the directory permissions as part of the installation process.
  • Matthieu Godon for his package "Quick Menu Builder," used to generate most of the installer splash screens used on WebAmphibian.Com CDs.
  • Ian D. Mead for his wonderful editor, "UltraEdit," which has been used exclusively for a number of years here at WebAmphibian to edit virtually all text files.
  • Nova Vizija for "eyeDropper 3.0," a wonderful color matching and alignment tool.
  • the GIMP is a powerful image manipulation program for editing, retouching, and authoring.

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spacer   Companies

  • HiddenSoft has a wonderful tool called "AutoIt" that is used to encapsulate otherwise viewable files in a neat runtime wrapper for automation purposes.
  • JASC Software for their wonderful product "Paint Shop Pro," which was used to generate most all of the images.
  • DebugMode for their wonderful product "Wink," which is used to provide program walk throughs to the web as Macromedia Shockwave Flash presentations.
  • Powerbullet for the "PowerBullet Presenter," a poor-man's Macromedia Shockwave Flash generator (it's used on our front page, at the bottom, to provide the transitions, etc.).
  • Microsoft Corporation for creating a number of packages. Chief among them are:
    • The VBScript system, used in the installation process to finalize some of the web site configuration tasks.
    • The HTML Help System, which is how many of our productions display information on various help topics.
    • Any digitally generated voice you hear played is most likely "LH Michelle," courtesy of the Speech API (SAPI) SDK, Version 5.1.

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