Here at WebAmphibian.Com, we have a number of products available for download: white papers, donate-ware programs, share-ware programs and commercial products. Each of these downloads exemplifies a number of different skills and disciplines being brought together harmoniously.

Please select from the following broad categories:

spacer   Commercial

spacer SoftwareAudit, Version 4.0
SoftwareAudit is a systems administration tool geared towards helping the SMB systems administrator get a handle on their license count, usage, and compliance.
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spacer testOmatic, Version 3.0
This WebAmphibian.Com web application is designed to make creating print and interactive on-line tests easy. Using virtually any Microsoft Windows computer, insturctors can create multiple-choice, true/false, and select question test that are dynamically changed each time they are utilized.
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spacer pcLockOut, Version 1.0
The pcLockOut is a tool geared towards helping parents control the times when their children have access to their computers. Specifically, using pcLockOut, parents may set specific times of day when any given PC may be on and running. At the specified time, pcLockOut will shut down the PC. Further, if a PC is turned on when in a "shut down" time, pcLockOut will shut down the system again.
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spacer   Share-Ware

spacer KidDrills, Version 1.0
KidDrills is an example of using a Microsoft HTML Help system compilation of HTML content to make an educational tool for children. Included are several subject areas, including Braile, Math, State History, and more
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spacer FontSelector, Version 1.0
FontSelector is a web design tool to aid in selecting font characteristics from among the plehtora of fonts on the average PC.
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spacer WebHide, Version 1.0
WebHide provides a way of hiding email addresses in web pages that is not easy for spammers to scan for.
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spacer   Paper Crafts

spacer FriendshipBags, Version 1.0
Friendship Bags are a simple way to show a group of people that they are important to you. Using this application, you will be able to generate the little card that typically goes in these gifts.
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spacer   N-Up Books

Each of the following books are the result of a bit of inspiration from IdeaBook.Com, where a small "pamphlet" format is presented as a marketing tool. We here at WebAmphibian.Com took this idea and created around it a system for generation of arbitrarily large books, made from cutting single sheets of paper up. Each of these simple little books can be made with a duplexing printer (or inkjet with lots of practice). Here are a few samples:

spacer CaesarShift, Version 1.0
Caesar Shift, book 1 in a series of crytography books for children.
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spacer RailFence, Version 1.0
Rail Fence Cipher, book 2 in a series of cryptography books for children.
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spacer PeriodicalCipher, Version 1.0
The Periodical Cipher, book 3 in a series of cryptography books for children.
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spacer   White Papers

spacer Spam, Version 1.0
In an attempt to help everybody understand spam, from many different angles (and as a service to the web community), we have written a white paper on spam, in all its forms.
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spacer Backups, Version 1.0
In an attempt to help everybody understand why backups are so important, especially to the "mom and pop" computer users, we have written a white paper on The Case For Backups.
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