The WebAmphibian.Com 'n-Up' book 'CaesarShift' is a easily printed PDF file. Several general precautions must be observed when printing them however. As with all of the other 'n-Up' books produced by WebAmphibian.Com, this one can be printed on the average ink-jet printer if you observer the following cautions:

  • You have to "duplex" the pages associated with a book. This means that if page 1 is on the front of the paper, page 2 should be on the back.
  • Depending on how close to the edge of the page your printer will print, some text may well not print. This is not a problem of the downloaded file, but rather of your printer.
  • You need to (typically) "flip" the page along the "short" side of the paper.
  • You must reset the page print "margins" to zero (0).
  • Make sure to click OFF the "Shrink oversied pages topaper size" and "Expand small pages to paper size".