This page outlines the current update status for the SoftwareAudit production.

spacer   Version 4.0 -- In Process

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spacer   Version 3.0 Released - 20080414


  • Split "preferences" page into separate units to help with readability.
  • Added MD5 checksuming of inbound files to help keep "honest people honest."
  • Improved various bits of the installer performance around IIS under Windows Server 2003 including:
    • Determining if ASP is enabled.
    • Determining if SSI is enabled.
  • Split and secured 'AuditShare' directory into 'bin' and 'spool' for security reasons.

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spacer   Version 2.0 Released - 20060321

  • Extended information retrieved from clients substancially by:
    • Including "Active Directory Policies Applied" information.
    • Including "Software Updates" as a separate class of software installed.
  • Added "SoftwareAuditBrand.exe" to the mix, allowing asset identification strings to both be added to the registry as well as returned by the auditing process.
  • Added "autoscan.exe" to help maintain the machine's scanned list.

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spacer   Version 1.0 Released - 20051026

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