These are the programming, development, packaging, and distribution tools and skills WebAmphibian.Com can bring to bear for you. WebAmphibian.Com is willing to entertain challenges in any of the following areas of software development, deployment, etc.

  • Traditional programming projects in such languages as:
    • Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting
    • Unix Bourne and Knorn shell programming
    • C/C++ programming (make files, etc.) on Linux/Unix
  • Installation/packaging projects, such as:
    • Writing installers
    • Creating "splash" screens and menus
    • Creating CD-R packages
    • Migrating web sites to CD's for promotional purposes
    • Creating CD business cards
    • Creating Powerpoing presentations for use on web or CD
  • Conversion Services
    • Converting word processed/text files to Adobe PDF
    • Converting Adobe PDF files to Microsoft Word format
    • Converting JPEG images to GIF
    • Converting GIF images to JPEG

Addtionally, WebAmphibian.Com welcomes other integration projects where our skill sets meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we may help you reach your goals.