These are the kinds of network and sysadmin projects that WebAmphibian.Com can tackle for you.

  • Networking layout/design/implementation, in a commercial or residential setting, including:
    • UTP ethernet wiring installation/termination
    • Etherent switch and hub installation
    • Router NAT installation/configuration
    • Firewall installation/configuration (specializing in WatchGuard Techologies Firebox II and Firebox X700 series systems)
    • RS-232/X.25 wiring installation/termination
    • RG-3 thick ethernet coax vampire tap installation
  • Server Administration Services
    • Windows/Linux server installation/configuration
    • Designing robust backup systems around available hardware
    • Configurating network interfaces, web servers, etc. to meet customer needs in a cost-effective manner

Please contact us to discuss how we may help you reach your goals.