WebAmphibian.Com has amassed experience with a broad range of web technologies. From techniques like web site templating, to web technologies and processes, WebAmphibian.Com has been brought in to assist a number of different companies meet their goals.

spacer   Web Site Templating

WebAmphibian.Com has developed over the last few years a great deal of experience using a technique called "web site templating" to address the problems of maintaining a uniform "look and feel" between the various pages of a web site. This is accomplished by taking a programmtic approach to generating web site elements. Typically, the following elements are controlled using this method:

  • Headers, including:
    • Page title
    • Page keywords
    • Page description
    • The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) for the web site.
  • The navigation bar (to the left)
  • Footer elements
  • Keyword search
  • Site map

Taking this approach, only one file has to be modified to provide a completely different "look and feel" for the entire web site while leaving the content and relative page organization of the web site the same.

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spacer   Web Site Consulting

WebAmphibian.Com has been brought in to advise and assist customers in need of the following kinds of services.

  • Web Technologies, including:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Microsoft Active Server Pages (classic ASP)
    • Optimizing images for download
  • Web Processes

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spacer   Examples of WebAmphibian.Com's Work

Several examples of web sites WebAmphibian.Com has had some input/influence on are listed in the following sections:

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