There are a number of "charities" that owe their web site to work of the members of WebAmphibian.Com. Some of the more current ones are:

  • The Jaycee Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc., is a non-profit organization which serves as an administrative structure for corporate and individual contributions to the Oklahoma Junior Chamber (Jaycees).

  • Ardmore Garden Club is a group who currently manages the turn of the century (1900, not 2000) Ardmore Public Library building (corner of 3'rd and Stanley S.W.) in Ardmore Oklahoma.

  • ARES Oklahoma is a group of HAM Radio operators that, having seen what WebAmphibian did for the SOARESSS group, stepped up and asked WebAmphibian to build an interactive web resource page for their emergency operations.

  • SOARESSS, or the Southern Oklahoma Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Scientific Society, is a group of HAM Radio operators that approached WebAmphibian to rebuild and maintain a web site for them.

  • St. Mary Catholic Church is a local Catholic Church here in Ardmore Oklahoma. They have several mission churches, ministries, etc. serving a large portion of the surrounding communities.